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Sister Rosemary wants your books

This past week I was at Providence Spirituality & Conference Center doing a bit of window shopping at Linden Leaf Gifts. (As a side note if you haven’t been there for a while they have some great new items. Take a look. Here’s the link.) As I was looking at the darling finger puppets and cool alpaca merchandise I could feel the steely gaze of eyes upon me. I looked up slowly and saw her. Staring intently at me was Sister Rosemary Borntrager, SP, a volunteer at the gift store.

Sister Rosemary wants you to donate your used books to the Sisters of Providence.

Now for those of you that don’t know Sister Rosemary allow me paint you a picture. The first thing you notice are her beautiful blue eyes. She is a petite woman and usually wears a sweater no matter the season. Perhaps my favorite thing about her is when she speaks. Her voice is hard to describe but her soft tone and passionate inflection is comforting to me. And while I won’t reveal a ladies age, she has been with the Sisters of Providence for 67 years this July.

Her appearance and voice may lead you to believe she is simply a sweet, quiet woman. And although she is sweet, those of you who have met Sister Rosemary learned quickly she is also a force to be reckoned with. She pursues her projects and interests with a passion you would expect of someone half her age (or maybe even one third her age). On this particular day she had the upcoming Summer Used Book Sale on her mind.

Twice a year Linden Leaf Gifts holds a used book sale and Sister Rosemary has been a key person in the planning and organization. The summer book sale begins at the end of July. While the average person may think it is way too early to even be thinking about it, Sister Rosemary is far from ordinary or average. On this particular day she wanted to remind me to spread the word about donating books so when July rolls around there is an abundant selection. The more books she has to offer, the more donations we receive. All proceeds from the book sale benefit the mission and ministries of the Sisters of Providence.

So at the request of Sister Rosemary Borntrager, I am reminding you to please, please, please clean off your bookshelves. Bring your books to Linden Leaf Gifts located in Providence Spirituality & Conference Center. They are open from 10-4, Monday through Friday and 10-3, Saturday and Sundays. While you’re there look at all the great new merchandise I mentioned earlier. And if anyone asks what brought you in, just tell them Sister Rosemary sent you!

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Mary Riley

Mary Riley is the marketing manager for some ministries of the Sisters of Providence including White Violet Center for Eco-Justice and the Volunteer Services.

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