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Heaven is our true country


The quote we see here is a piece that Saint Mother Theodore wrote in one of her later letters. It was written on January 25th, 1847 to the sisters of the congregation. On this day, Mother Theodore learned of the death of her beloved Sister Mary Ligouri Tiercin and needed to inform the congregation of the sad news. Sister Mary Ligouri had contracted a cold  in the fall of 1844 that eventually lead to serious lung trouble.  After nearly three years of suffering, she was finally called to her reward at only twenty-nine years of age.

This was a very difficult time for Mother Theodore, but she took it upon herself to mourn as gracefully as she could. She wrote the letter in an envious tone and praised the life of Sister Mary Ligouri. Mother  Theodore offered words of comfort to her dear sisters, assuring them that Sister Mary Ligouri was no longer suffering, and that her time on Earth was only temporary.

The quote is a friendly reminder of that statement. During difficult times in life, let us all remember that life on Earth is transitory. This job, this argument, this grief and this life will pass. Enjoy life as it is today because we will never get today back. Just as Mother Theodore would say, we pray and suffer and Heaven is the reward.


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Jena Thralls

Jena graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in 2012 with a degree in journalism. She worked for the Sisters of Providence as a Marketing Manager.

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