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SP website Did you know?


The Sisters of Providence website at www.SistersofProvidence.org offers many features including a blog, 16 sub-sites, a news section and more.

The Sisters of Providence website, www.SistersofProvidence.org, is a wealth of information! Here are just a few of its features that you might not know about.

  • Our blog is always brimming with updates, pictures and stories. Direct link: blog.SistersofProvidence.org
  • The SP website actually has sixteen parts! We call them sub-sites, and you can get to them easily by clicking the colored boxes on the bottom of every page. Each ministry has a sub-site, and then there are special sub-sites for Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, Peace & Justice, and Spirituality & Prayer.
  • Our news centers offer up-to-the-minute news releases, links to where we’ve been mentioned in the press, a social media directory and more. The main news center is at news.SistersofProvidence.org, and you’ll find links there to each ministry’s news center as well.
  • The Prayer section offers some prayers for your personal use. It’s a great resource for you and your family. There’s also a prayer request form. If you’d like to submit your prayer request to the Sisters of Providence, go to prayers.SistersofProvidence.org.
  • You can sign up on our site for e-newsletters (emailed highlights sent regularly, such as Providence Partners and EChOes Online) and for new post notifications (emails sent whenever new content is added to a certain area, such as the blog, Sister Denise’s reflections, obituaries and more). To start receiving any of these, head to signup.SistersofProvidence.org. You can choose any combination that you’re interested in, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Our website is designed responsively, which means you can view it well on any size screen. You can stop by the site on your computer, your tablet or your phone and still access any information you may need.

(Originally published in the Winter 2014 issue of HOPE magazine.)

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Christina Blust

Christina worked as the digital media and website manager for Sisters of Providence for 9 years and now serves as the website's designer and consultant through her company, Blustery Day Design. She's a musician, reader, writer and generally curious person.

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