Wessel_MarthaJosephDo you know what you missed Tuesday evening? If you happen to live in the Terre Haute area, you might have missed the monthly Taize prayer gathering in the Church of the Immaculate Conception. It emphasized the harmful impact of pollution in our waterways.

If you live in the Terre Haute area, and if you are a Providence Associate, you might have missed a presentation by Sisters Martha Joseph Wessel and Nancy Reynolds about life after the Second Vatican Council. Eleven associates and guests and the two sisters (let’s call them conversation starters) engaged in a lengthy dialogue that ended only in time to go to the Taize gathering.

This was the second of two such opportunities for Terre Haute area associates.

Sister Martha Joseph talked about the everyday-living adjustments, such as phasing out the traditional habits in favor of contemporary attire of the day. “I was probably one of the last to change, but I did it my way at my own pace,” she said.

Sister Nancy also talked about being a late-changer.

“The habit was perfect for me to hide behind. I did not have to have my own identity. When you were seen in public, people knew who you were. But, when I took it off, I felt free.”

Reynolds_NancyOther topics such as not being able to visit with family or eat with family, lay people having short-term overnight stays in a Congregation residential building, letters to and from family and strict prayer times were mentioned, along with the post-Vatican II practices of welcoming people of all faiths, collaboration on issues, opportunity to share ideas and opinions and shared governance.

Dialogue continued for a lengthy period after the conversation starters shared their insight.
How can you prevent missing an opportunity like this?

First, keep watching for the next Taize prayer gathering. It’s the second Tuesday of each month for the rest of the year. It will always focus on a water-related issue this year in relationship to Terre Haute Year of the River celebration. Next, if you’re an associate, keep watching for upcoming Providence Associate opportunities. If you are not an associate, you can fill out an application to become one. You have until June 30 this year to do so. For more information about the associate relationship with the Sisters of Providence, contact Debbie Dillow, assistant director of Providence Associates, at either 317-994-6821 or ddillow@spsmw.org or visit www.ProvidenceAssociates.org. An application also can be obtained from Vicki Layton, administrative assistant, at vlayton@spsmw.org or 812-535-2862.

Don’t miss this opportunity, or the next Taize prayer gathering on June 11.