Dorothy Gartland, SP, Patty Fillenwarth, SP, Mary Hoffman standing with her cousin, Denise Wilkinson, SP joined Kathleen Desautels, SP and the 8th Day Center for Justice – Women in Church and Society Committee’s Production of The Conscience Monologues.

The Conscience Monologues are women’s stories of conscience within the Catholic Church. Some 20 women responded to the call to send in their experiences of conscience and faith, of pain and struggle, of joy and personal truth. Some dozen of these stories were transformed into theatrical monologues.

The stage performance of these stories is to lift up the voices and experiences of Catholic women. The premiere performance of this nearly two year project took place Friday, December 7 and again on Sunday, December 9, 2012 at Piper Hall of home of the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership on the Loyola University North Campus.