Read the 2011 Annual Report of the Sisters of Providence below, or download a PDF.

Letter from Sister Denise

Dear Friends,
Once again your generosity overwhelms us, humbles us to be so trusted by you, and has translated itself into successful projects and effective ministries!

Your gifts to our retirement fund provide safe, loving care for our elderly and infirm. Your gifts forward vocation efforts, work with Providence Associates, sponsored ministries across the United States, and day-to-day operations at SMW, as well as other projects and events mentioned in this report.

Of all the gifts your generosity has provided, your response to the capital campaign to renovate Providence Hall touched our hearts most deeply. We finished the campaign “over goal” in our fundraising, ahead of schedule in the renovation itself and under budget in the projected cost! Definitely Providence in action!

You may think I exaggerate when I say that accomplishing the project due to your generosity “touched our hearts.” Let me share three testimonials to substantiate the claim — from our architect for the renovation, the president of the construction company doing the work, and one of our sisters who moved into Providence Hall in May 2011.

During the dedication and blessing of the renovated building in June 2011, URS Inc., architect Steve Robinson spoke from his heart: “As an architect I am interested in the meaning of a place. Providence Hall has a powerful sense of place. It’s clear to me from working here, that the Church (of the Immaculate Conception) is the heart (of the Woods) and Providence Hall is the hearth. … As donors you have contributed to the preservation of a powerful work of architecture and given it ongoing life and purpose. …

I don’t remember so much the buildings I’m involved in as the clients. The Sisters of Providence are the first client I’ve ever come to love.”

Ralph Wagle, president of Garmong Construction Inc., had this to say: “From a business perspective, this project came at a critically important time. It allowed us … to keep important and talented people employed; it helped them feed and provide shelter for their families. In a way you probably didn’t anticipate you helped people by your commitment to the future. … The men and women who worked on this project embraced it in a way I’ve never seen before. From the very first day it was clear that this project was alive; this building and this community have a spirit that is hard to describe. Through these tough years in the construction business, that spirit buoyed us up.”

Finally from Providence Hall resident Sister Joyce Brophy: “I absolutely love my room! It is simple, attractive, warm and peaceful. I am full of thanks for each of you who made it possible. I pray for you and your families with great gratitude. May God bless each of you.”

Indeed, all of us echo Sister Joyce’s words: May God bless each of you!

In Providence,

Denise Wilkinson, SP
General Superior