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Recycling: one way to encourage sustainability

This article is reprinted from fall 2008 issue of HOPE.

Need some inspiration for starting a home recycling program or to resurrect the one you started earlier this year?

The list of products the Sisters of Providence at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods recycle is long: everything from plastic, paper and aluminum to scrap iron, copper and steel. Recycling is one way the Sisters of Providence are encouraging sustainability of resources.

Recycling bins, located outside Owens Hall, Providence Hall and the water plant, are emptied daily by a Facilities Management staff member. The items are trucked to Indiana State University Recycling Center, Sugar Creek Scrap or Data Management, all in the Terre Haute area.

The following is a list of the items and amounts recycled by the sisters and staff members at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods in 2007:

1,358 pounds of aluminum ($805.20)
563.5 pounds of miscellaneous aluminum ($100.80)
706 pounds of aluminum sheet ($206.40)
4 pounds of yellow brass ($2.80)
126 pounds of copper ($214)
3,012 pounds of Ins. copper ($2,113)
1,840 pounds of stainless ($122)
3,400 pounds of autos ($102)
19,420 pounds scrap iron ($820)
19,644 pounds of scrap tin ($676.90)
6,420 pounds of steel ($482)
61,285 pounds of cardboard ($1,621.81)
44,956 pounds of mixed paper ($626.67)
33,601 pounds of loose newspaper ($609.62)
2,650 pounds of magazines ($27.83)
2,000 pounds of books
5,960 pounds of plastic
3,912 pounds of glass

Guided tours of the Sisters of Providence recycling center may be scheduled by calling 812-535-2935.

Need some tips for beginning an at-home recycling program?

Here are five suggestions to get you started:
1. Decide what you’ll recycle. Start small.
2. Obtain the recycling containers, label them and place them in an easily accessible area.
3. Locate your most convenient recycling facility and visit to learn more.
4. Rinse recyclables before placing them in storage containers.
5. Don’t get overwhelmed or think recycling doesn’t matter. It really does make a difference.

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Cheryl Casselman

Cheryl Casselman worked as a marketing manager for the Sisters of Providence for twenty years. She grew up in Camby, Indiana and now lives in Sullivan County, Indiana. She has a bachelor's degree in communications from Indiana State University and master's degree in Leadership Development from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

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