• April 2015

    • 21: Earth! Series

      Join local experts and educators as they present information and practical advice on how to care for our precious planet Earth. Topics include: Water, reducing, reusing and recycling, local foods and perennial and native plants for the yard and garden.  Continue Reading »

  • May 2015

    • 1 - 2: Immersive Weaving Weekend

      Join us for this unique opportunity to delve into the art of weaving. We will begin with the simplest weaving forms (tapestry, peg and rigid heddle) and move into weaving simple patterns on our 4-harness floor looms. Get a thorough  Continue Reading »

    • 30: Basic Herbal Preparations

      Basic techniques will be used to create herbal preparations, including teas (both decoctions and infusions), salves, creams, tinctures and oils. The focus will be on preparation methods, and not on basic herbal methods or specific uses of herbs, although there  Continue Reading »

  • July 2015

    • 8: Cooking 101: The Basics of Cooking

      (First of three cooking classes) Transition from “assembling” food from various pre-prepared components to actually cooking it yourself, safely and enjoyably. Class will cover: basic knife skills and cutting techniques, basic cooking methods, reading a recipe and meal planning. And  Continue Reading »

    • 15: Cooking 102: Cooking Meat

      (Second of three cooking classes) Instruction on the basics of cooking various meats, including: butchering a whole chicken, roasting, braising, searing and oven-finishing, proper seasoning techniques and safe meat handling procedures. Come for one session or all three! Cooking 101:  Continue Reading »

    • 22: Cooking 103: Cooking Veggies!

      (Last of three cooking classes) Everyone knows we should eat more fresh veggies. If you don’t want to break the bank, this means learning how to cook them on your own! This class will cover the basics for how to  Continue Reading »