• November 2015

    • 3: Cooking 102: Your First Thanksgiving!

      Does the idea of cooking for 30 of your closest friends and family sound intimidating? Are you worried that the meal will devolve into a 3-hour casserole-based carb-fest? Can you make it through the day without losing your mind? Big  Continue Reading »

    • 10: Cooking 103: Veggie Basics

      Learn the basics of vegetable cooking, including several cooking techniques (i.e., sautéing, blanching, steaming, boiling, and roasting), planning vegetable dishes, and what cooking methods work best with which vegetables. Third class in a series of three. Cooking 101: Get Cooking!  Continue Reading »

    • 14: Weaving Workshop

      This class is designed for weavers of varying skills and abilities. Beginners will learn how to weave on four-shaft floor looms, while those with previous weaving experience can learn new techniques or deepen their practice. All materials are provided, though  Continue Reading »

  • January 2016

    • 16: Perfect Pastry at Home

      Fresh-baked pastries are one of life’s pure joys. Classic French croissants, pain au raisin (raisin bread), Danish kringles, empanadas, turnovers, éclairs — it seems like every culture on Earth has come up with a way to put as much butter  Continue Reading »

    • 30: Bread Rising, Spirit Raising

      Bread is one of the most universal parts of the human experience. Nearly every culture on Earth has developed some version of bread, from flat breads and crackers eaten as a part of everyday meals, to intricate, rich braids of  Continue Reading »

  • February 2016

    • 20: Bread Baking: Sourdough

      Sourdough breads are a delicious, nutritional treasure and are easier to make than you may think. Learn bread-making basics, tips and tricks for creating and maintaining starters, and ideas for how to incorporate sourdough into a variety of other baked  Continue Reading »

    • 27: Alpaca 101: Fundamentals of Alpaca Husbandry

      A one-day workshop geared toward those who are thinking about owning alpacas or those new to the business. Topics include: herd health issues, injections, feed, barns and sheds, pasture care, toenails, developing goals, fiber, record keeping, nutrition and 90 minutes  Continue Reading »

    • 28: Alpaca 102: Fundamentals of Alpaca Fiber Processing

      The staff of White Violet Farm Alpacas will share their experiences with all facets of alpaca fiber processing — from making breeding decisions to choosing a fiber mill or processing your own fleece. Expect lots of hands-on opportunities.  

  • March 2016

    • 5: Small Flock Chicken Care Workshop

      Chickens are a delightful animal to keep, whether on a farm, a small homestead or in your backyard. They are easy to care for and they provide breakfast! This class will cover the basics to help get anyone started in  Continue Reading »

    • 12: Spinning Workshop

      This workshop is designed for both the absolute beginner and the spinner who seeks a little guidance on using other fibers or techniques. Spinning wheels and a sampling of fibers will be available, although students are encouraged to bring their  Continue Reading »

    • 20: Spring Equinox Celebration

      Please join White Violet Center for Eco-Justice to celebrate the beginning of Spring with the word, symbol and sharing. Refreshments are served.

  • April 2016

    • 16: 18th Annual Earth Day Celebration

      Music! Food! Crafts and handmade goods! Lots to learn and do at this jam-packed celebration of Earth. Bring the kids and enjoy the day. West Central Indiana’s largest and longest-running Earth Day celebration continues on Saturday, April 16, 2016, at  Continue Reading »