Sarah and Joseph Thralls welcomed Mother Theodore and her five companions into their log cabin when they arrived in 1840. They not only offered their home; they shared everything they had. The Sisters of Providence to this day are grateful to the Thralls family for opening their doors and their hearts to our foundress and her companions.

We believe it fitting, then, to offer the Sarah and Joseph Thralls Award to a constituent who has shared her/his time, talent and treasures with the Sisters of Providence.

This award is bestowed annually at the Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Dinner, with the constituent receiving an individual recognition plaque.

The main plaque is located in the south corridor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception with the following recipients listed:

2015 — Stacy Pierce and Penny Frederick


Saint Mary-of-the-Woods residents Stacy Pierce (center) and Penny Frederick (right) accepted the 2015 Sarah and Joseph Thralls award from Sisters of Providence General Superior Sister Denise Wilkinson at the Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Donor Dinner.

2014 — Andrea “Andi” Kozicki Pocica

2013 — Max Miller, Earl Rodgers and Keith Ruble

2012 — Gaye and Phil Kenny

2011 — Sue Weber

2010 – John W. Perry

2009 – Frank Bussing

2008 – Sondra & Richard Wellman

2007 – Arthur & Camille Snyder

2006 – Charlotte Norris

2005 – David Milroy

2004 – Mary Kathleen Fleming

2003 – Mary Zentmyer

2002 – Mike Lanke

2001– Homer Barton