Below you will find some frequently asked questions about who the Sisters of Providence are and about the kinds of women we are inviting to join us.

Q. Who are the Sisters of Providence?

A. The Sisters of Providence are an apostolic Congregation of women religious dedicated to honoring Divine Providence and to furthering God’s loving plans by devoting itself to works of love, mercy and justice in service among God’s people. We value community life, prayer and our common vowed life and are dedicated to the message of the Gospels.

Q. How many members are in the Congregation?

A. Nearly 400 sisters minister primarily in the United States and in Taiwan. We live in a variety of cultural and ethnic settings, and in urban and rural areas.

Q. What are the ways in which you minister?

A. The Sisters of Providence strive toward breaking boundaries and creating hope in our world though diverse ministries. These include areas such as education, pastoral ministry, human services and leadership. Explore the ministry section of our web site for a closer look at our ministerial life.

Our sisters are engaged in the ministry of education in its broadest sense, serving from pre-school through college, with adult groups and in religious education programs.

Q. What kinds of women are thinking about joining the Sisters of Providence?

A. A discussion of the kind of women we seek is on The call page.

Q. Are there educational expectations?

A. It is desirable that, in addition to having completed high school, you have at least two years of professional, college or life experience that points toward a ministry consistent with the mission of the Sisters of Providence.

Q. If I become a sister, will someone always be telling me what to do?

A. No matter what life style we choose, we all seek advice from other people. The same is true for the Sisters of Providence. Consideration of others and the good of the Congregation guide our decisions and is done within the context of a discernment process.

Q. How will you help me as I am discerning?

A. We’ll keep in regular contact with you through monthly mailings designed for your ongoing reflection. You will be invited to Vocation Discernment Weekends and other congregation activities and celebrations. When you feel ready, you will receive a “sister discernment guide” who, along with the vocation director, will assist you.

Q. When I am ready to enter the Sisters of Providence, what will happen?

A. After completing an application process and being accepted for membership, you will begin a three-year process of preparation for the first profession of vows. See the Initial formation page for more details.

Q. What financial obligations will I assume during this period?

A. It is expected that you will be free of any major debts prior to entrance into the postulancy.

Q. How can I learn more about your life?

A. Explore our web site. Contact our Vocation Office. Meet with a Sister of Providence.

Our web site offers more information about our work in the Ministry section; more information about our Congregation’s history, goals and new work in the Heritage & Future section; more information about our donors and fund-raising activities in How to Contribute; and a wealth of news, resources and other information in the Info Center section.

For more information, email Sister Editha Ben, vocation director,; or call 1-800-860-1840, ext. 2895; or write the Sisters of Providence Vocation Office, 1 Sisters of Providence, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876-1089.