Song, Silence, and Scripture in the style of Taizé.

The Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods invite you to a monthly ecumenical prayer service to be held in the Church of the Immaculate Conception at the Woods. The hour-long service includes sung prayers, simple, beautiful music, a time of silence, spoken and silent prayers. The prayer is quiet and reflective, deeply peaceful, and joyful and is lit primarily by candlelight. Songs are sung many times over as a prayer of the heart.

The 2013 focus of the Taizé Prayer at the Woods is “The Year of the River,” part of Terre Haute’s celebration of the Wabash River. Each service, held on the second Tuesday of each month (except in February when it is on the third Tuesday), begins at 7 p.m.
For more information, please contact Sister Paula Damiano at 812-535-2926 or

Here’s what people are saying about the Taizé services:

“My experience of the Taizé prayer sessions has given me a sense of peace and connection to the importance of water in my life and throughout the world. The songs that are sung seem to flow like the water flowing over stone from a beautiful stream. The verbal reflections of the theme of each Taizé have given me a greater respect for this most important natural resource we call water. In my career, I work with water and other natural resources and have made every attempt to respect the importance of clean water. After each Taizé prayer, I find it to be a wonderful experience that I am so glad I am able to attend. I look forward to the next Taizé prayer, and hope that more people would come and enjoy this time of reflection and prayer about a resource we take for granted.” – Keith Ruble

“I have appreciated the beauty of the Taizé prayer services so much that I have encouraged many of my friends to attend. The singing, the readings, the time for silent prayer blend to produce a perfect hour of prayer for water. How appropriate during this Year of the River.” – Rosaline Secrest, Providence Associate

The themes and dates are as follows.

January 8 – Lack of potable water in the world
February 19 – Thirst
March 12 – Spring Rains and Climate Change
April 9 – Waters of Baptism
May 14 – Water Pollution
June 11 – Flowing River
July 9 – Wasted Water
August 13 – Drought
September 10 – Joy of the River
October 8 – St. Mother Theodore Guerin & Wabash
November 12 – Wabashiki and the Native Peoples
December 10 – Healing Water

Other comments about the Taizé prayer:

“I attended the first one (can’t come on Tuesday evenings anymore due to choir rehearsal). It was a very peaceful, serene, and meaningful service. The beautiful music and sung prayers added to the contemplative atmosphere. I also appreciated the placement of the pews which gave the church a more intimate feel. The personal reflection time helped to slow me down and think about the theme of the lack of potable water. The repetition of the music also helped me center myself. All in all a very special spiritual experience for me.” – Cathy Taken

“I’ve been able to attend one so far and it was peaceful, worshipful.” – Vicki Layton

“I attended the Taizé prayer service with the theme ‘Thirst.’ I found it to be peaceful and uplifting. The music was beautiful, as well as the candle lighting ceremony. It was nice to have a moment of peace and reflection after a hectic day in our busy world.” – Kristy Fry